The four-year-old girl is adopted by the officer who got her from her previous family

After helping an Arizona girl, the officer was asked if he wanted to temporarily house Lisa.

Without hesitation, both he and his wife said ‘yes.’

The girl’s time with them grew beyond its initial brief period as a result of this decision.

For several weeks or months, Lisa resided with James, his wife, and their two eldest children.

Despite the thought of not knowing when she might leave, they went on vacation together and made fond memories.

James admitted that he was thoughtful because he didn’t know where the girl would live.

In August 2020, the couple was able to successfully complete the girl’s adoption and become her parents.

James’ representatives were very deferential to him and his loved ones.

His partner made the observation that he had never seen an officer put on such an amazing performance before.

James believes that his purpose in life is to help others.

His office displays his badges, which demonstrate his qualities as a decent father and police officer.

Additionally, the officer offered guidance to individuals considering fostering or adopting children.

He believes it was the right move to bring Lisa home with them, and he encourages others to do the same.

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