The four kittens cling to their dog, believing it to be their mother

A shelter sent out a request for aid around two weeks ago for a litter of 14 days old kitties. They arrived at the refuge hours later.

The majority of rescue agencies were full, and bottle-fed kitties required more work.

Thola, one of the volunteers, and her sisters looked after them so they could be cared for all day in the comfort of their own home.

They were generally healthy, despite their appearance. They gently cleansed themselves before deep sleep in their warm and lovely bed.

Lillo, the local Husky, insisted on assisting them. The dog has taken in numerous strays and looks forward to seeing them whenever meets them.

When the kittens first met Lillo, they assumed she was their mother and ran up to her.

The most courageous of the four, she adored her canine buddy and climbed on top of her for support. He clung to Lillo as if she were a small duckling.

Look at how lovely Lillo’s friendship with her new darlings is! Nice isn’t it? Dogs are always our little helpers and we should love them.

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