The following is what Julia Roberts has to say about her career as a mother and wife: She is fantastic

The fact that Julia Roberts is such a cool mom comes as no surprise. She has three children, and since her divorce from Aaron Eckhart in 2015, she has been a single parent.

However, she is demonstrating her true excellence in every area.

Devotion, generosity, and sharing: She fully participates in family life. We even adore it! In public, she shows affection.

With her son Henry still in his diaper and a big smile, she just left the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. She shows her 8-year-old son affection in such a normal and sweet way.

Who doesn’t want to see that love scene in front of an audience? For Father’s Day, she posted a picture of her family.

Take a look at his amazing children! What’s more, it’s a decent family picture, with Aaron’s folks and child.

We adore that she is so open and lets the world in on her private moments. She conveys to everyone how much she values her children.

She mentioned that she would always consider projects with intriguing plots or characters. What are your thoughts on this story? Inform us.

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