The father constructed his son’s bag because he could not afford to buy one

A Cambodian teacher recently chose to display what the inside of one of his student’s backpacks looked like.

For his son, the father created this item by hand.

He did it, however, not because of a love for handicrafts, but rather because he needed the funds to purchase this item.

It turns out that some parents give everything for their kids’ education and well-being.

They put in long hours of work, encourage their kids in their aspirations, and make an effort to register them in at least a few classes.

The mother of the youngster stated that a basic school bag costs approximately $7 US, where she resides.

Parents who are trying to buy these school bags also exist.

However, because his father is a farmer, he needs the resources to invest in such a portfolio.

But he still wanted his son to have a bag of his own for school, so he made one himself.

People admired the man’s talent and willingness to provide his child with the best opportunity.

The father was congratulated by the teacher for giving his son such a present. After that, enough people made the decision to assist the family.

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