The family realizes the newly rescued dog is saving the toddler’s life as he clings to her

A young Australian couple has a 2-year-old kid. They recently decided to have a pet as well. They came upon a Doberman at the animal shelter.

The sad puppy had been left by his owners, and the pair eagerly welcomed him into their family.

Something happened four days later that forever impacted the attitude of the couples toward their newly-created pet.

On this particular day, the dog was playing in the yard with his owners’ little daughter. The dog appeared to get along well with the girl.

But then he bared his fangs and roared, grabbing the kid by the diaper and leaping to the side.

The terrified lady raced to assist her daughter, but it turned out that the dog had not attacked her, but rather had defended her!

A hazardous venomous snake was creeping where the infant was frolicking only a few seconds ago.

When the heroic dog noticed it, he responded quickly and saved the girl. Unfortunately, he was bitten by the snake.

The girl turned out to be perfectly healthy and uninjured, and the dog received prompt veterinary assistance.

The dog was given the antidote and recovered promptly. The pair is in love with their new family member, who has also shown to be a true hero!

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