The family in the cave was criticized by the neighbors since they visited and couldn’t speak

People shifted from living in caves to homes and apartments long ago, marking the end of the primitive era.

But as Angelo’s case demonstrates, not everyone is content with this state of affairs.

Reporters dubbed this man ‘caveman’ after his story was published in the media. The young man never felt happy living in the city.

Angelo had always wanted to live in a rural area. At a mature age, he was already able to fulfill his dream.

People once lived in the cave; they did so practically up until the decade’s end in the 1930s. The sale price of the lot was 63,000 pounds.

Experts estimate that the cave is at least 250 million years old. The arrangement was immediately started by the new owner of the house after the sale.

It cost more than £170,000 to renovate. After they made the decision to go there, they couldn’t stop talking.

The man built the kitchen and manufactured all of the furnishings by hand, performing nearly all of the interior work himself.

With the exception of sizable windows for natural light and an outside patio, the exterior of the cave has mostly not changed.

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