The family constructs a snowy mountain in their backyard so that their dying dog, that adores winter, can enjoy it one final time

Maggie, a dog, was diagnosed with cancer far too late. Her owners decided to let her enjoy the snow one more time because they knew she wouldn’t make it until winter.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in a Facebook post, asking for the rental of snow-making equipment.

The man wanted to use it to build an artificial snow bank for the dog to rest in.

This was meant to be the dog’s final entertainment before they put him to death because he was severely ill. They shaved a number of containers of shavings.

Her owners picked them up and drove them to his backyard, where he threw a little winter party for Maggie.

On the same day, the dog died. The dog’s owners saved the exciting entertainment for last so that their pet could leave quietly.

These incredible moments, when a cancer-stricken dog regained her happiness and, for a few periods, forgot about her agony and suffering, will live on in her family’s memories forever.

«For our furry babies, we’re willing to move heaven and earth.» One of the users remarked,

«Thank you for brightening Maggie’s dying days and for your kind hearts.»

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