The end is only a matter of time away: Insider reveals that Ben AffIeck and J-Lo are considering divorce

Recent reports of quarrels between the singer and Ben AffIeck, who became her legal husband last summer, have concerned J-Lo’s fans.

Additionally, new information has emerged from an insider who is intimately familiar with the couple.

He asserts that everything is even worse than J-Lo’s fans anticipated.

According to the insider, the spouses had a significant disagreement that, in his opinion, could result in a divorce.

J-Lo has a lot of plans and is extremely ambitious. What’s more, she is a stickler who needs everything in her work and in the family to be simply great.

Ben needs a much calmer life so as not to be affected by pressure. He also has to deal with his demanding and extremely active wife. In addition, J-Lo has started a business that many believe poses a significant threat to their marriage.

Fans suspected that Ben and J-Lo’s family was far from happy.

In the event that the circumstance doesn’t change, the most blissful consummation of their very romantic tale could transform into a total breakdown of a star marriage. What do you think?

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