The dog, who used to live on the street, now has nearly half a million fans: the tale of a dog who blogs about food

This dog knows how to pose with food and is a true gourmet. Just take a look at his sweetly raised ear above his head.

The aspirations of thousands of people were realized thanks to a small dog named Polo.

He has a lot of followers on his blog, he is frequently invited to appear on television, and the delicious food in the photo with Polo makes people happy.

However, a dog’s life was not always like this. Six years ago, the dog’s owners adopted him from the street.

After that, they made the decision to keep the find for themselves. Polo became the family’s fourth dog.

The new dog had a fascinating characteristic.

He does not climb on the table or attempt to take food, and he is very polite with the food. The new owners were surprised by this.

The dog then started its own blog in 2015. The owners use Polo’s favorite food, cheese, to get him to pose for the picture.

Polo, on the other hand, does not take anything from the plates unless asked to. Pizza and cakes are not his favorites.

On Instagram, more than 400 thousand people follow the blog.

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