The dog, the tiger and the lion were introduced by the master, and they quickly became close friends

They are now inseparable. The 26 y.o Azmi has accomplished more than just her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

He made friends with his bulldog, a tiger, and a white lion. Lions, tigers, and leopards now call the zoo their home.

Even though she didn’t pick the easiest work, she frequently heard from others that she liked it.

According to the girl, she saw tigers and lions quickly transform into puppies. The animals treat her like a pet.

Ouk, who typically worked in his free time, decided against leaving his bulldog alone at home. She found it challenging to part with her dog.

In an interview, Azmi said that he chose to accompany her to the department. The bulldog was very aware of how he treated animals.

He gave the young tigers Led and lgor food assistance all day long. When her animals showed there and began to play, the owner was taken aback.

The small girl admitted that she had never seen dogs and animals like tigers and lions form such strong connections.

People’s best friends are animals. Have good animal relations. Anyhow, be content.

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