The dog stood in front of the store’s entrance and gazed into customers’ eyes. A young man in an expensive coat did not remain indifferent.

A stray dog was running around at one of the supermarkets’ entrances.

Prior to that, he was attached to one of the gas stations, where the employees fed him.

However, once the owner of the gas station informed them that the dog was gone and they drove it away, the area near the supermarket became his new home.

She was fed here by visitors, and he also discovered food at the nearby landfill.

So, on a day in November, our hero sought shelter under a seat. The same bench was occupied by a stylish and well-dressed man who was on the phone.

He spoke loudly throughout the call, making it evident that the interaction was bad and that the man was upset as a result.

They remained there for several minutes before the dog came from beneath the bench and appeared to soothe him.

The dog remained sitting in the rain as the man approached his car.

The dog was instantly extremely happy and was happily waving his tail as he was seated in the warm cabin of a fine car.

It was the start of a brand-new existence.

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