The dog lived in the streets his whole life and now has over half a million followers: the story of a food blogger doggy

This dog is a true foodie who understands how to put on a show with food. Simply look at his stubborn ear, which is comfortably lifted above his head. Poppy, a small dog, brought tens of thousands of people’s dreams to life.

He is a well-known blogger who is frequently invited to appear on television, and the wonderful meal in the shot with Poppy melts people’s hearts.

But he hasn’t always been like this.

The dog was filthy, hungry, and exhausted before being adopted.

Caring people tried in vain to locate the owners, but to no success.

They then decided to keep the doggy for themselves.

Poppy became their family’s fourth dog. The new doggy has an intriguing feature.

He is highly respectful of food, never approaching the table or attempting to remove a piece from the dish. The new owners were taken aback by this.

After that, in 2015, the doggy started its own blog. The owners use Poppy’s favorite reward, cheddar, to entice him to model for the portrait.

Poppy removes nothing from the plates without permission. Pizza and pastries are not his favorites.

Poppy’s left ear is always up, whilst his right ear is lowered.

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