The dog had been left in the snow. Her delight upon rescue, on the other hand, was incomparable

The family left their pet bound to an old tree in one of the empty houses. He didn’t even think about leaving food or drink. Fortunately, friendly neighbors heard the dog’s voice and ran over to assist.

Fancy is a beautiful and affectionate creature that formerly had its own house and owners.

Neighbors handed him a box, filled with straw, to keep him warm. The dog sat and waited for someone to bring him food and drink, but no one came.

It became colder outside as neighbors noticed that nobody feeds him any more and that no one comes to visit or guard it in such a state as it was used to, and the yard and the disappearance were covered in snow.

People came to save him, as if by choice, and he was overwhelmed with excitement.

People recognized there was no longer a human reason to part with him because he jumped, wagged his tail, and was so joyful.

As a result, the dog found caring people who will take care of him no matter what happens in the world.

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