The dog develops the confidence to approach the people while taking the timid kitten under his wing

This time, you’re about to meet a wonderful dog who has taken in a couple of shy kittens and ‘adopted’ them for the time being.

Due to some incredibly wholesome videos and pictures that Kona’s owner shared on Instagram, the dog recently experienced an increase in followers.

The owners of Kona have chosen to adopt two kittens, Chestnut and Blir, who were discovered in the same area at about 10 weeks old.

Kona had been kittenless for around three days before Chestnut and Blir’s arrival, so just given all of these factors and the fact that Kona was very determined and observant of each kitten’s needs, it was just a matter of time before the three of them connected.

Kona’s owner has fostered a number of cats and dogs and found homes for over 164 of them.

They gave me so much joy throughout my youth that I felt I had to find a way to repay them, and fostering is how I do that.

It was therefore not surprising that she also decided to take Chestnut and Blir in. They are so cute.

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