The dog decides to buy food with leaves after seeing students use money to do so

On the grounds of a technological institute, there is a dog named Ducky.

The dog was adopted by the institute’s staff, and now that he is free to wander the campus, professors and students will periodically give him food.

It came out that Ducky was a really smart dog. After seeing what went on before his lunch multiple times, he decided he didn’t need to ask anyone for this.

Ducky will happily give the merchant some leaves if they ask for them in exchange for food.

One day, the salesman from the little shop on the campus of the institute couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The dog jumped up and down in front of him while standing on his hind legs, landing a leaf from a nearby plant onto the counter.

Its color and shape gave the impression that it was money.

The head of the foundation says, ‘He just came before me with a leaf in his mouth, waving his tail, and demonstrating that he desired a treat.’

She couldn’t resist ‘selling’ cookies to the dog, whose behavior had taken her by surprise.

Who’s to say that after that, money doesn’t just come down from the sky?

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