The dog, chained in the snow, understands he is secure at last, and his reaction is pure joy

When the owners of a dog abandoned him in an old house, he had no idea what was in store for him. Despite the fact that he was chained, he seemed to be in a good mood at first.

The dog did not lose heart while there was food and water available, but when it was no longer available, he got unhappy. He remained hopeful, though, that someone would discover him and save him.

Unfortunately, time passed, and the dog remained stranded on the sidewalk. And then, all of a sudden, frosts appeared and snow began to fall.

The temperature dropped quickly, and the dog worried that he wouldn’t make it through the night. Fortunately, someone noticed the dog and reported him to Animal Control right away.

People were alerted to the dog’s predicament, and they raced to his aid.

The folks who discovered the dog were most concerned that they might not arrive in time, causing the dog to freeze. When the staff of the organization arrived to assist, they discovered a skinny dog.

He was shaking all over from the cold, but when he saw the humans, he dashed over to them and began jumping with joy!

A pleased grin came on his face when they brought him some food! The dog has been in the shelter since that time. He is now warm and cozy, and he is ecstatic!

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