The dog’s new owner claims he has assisted her in recovering from prior traumas

This woman’s life was changed by her dog. Her recovery story is incredible. She adores her pet and is willing to go to any length for him.

The woman has been through a lot of trauma in the last 15 years. She was even admitted to a specialized medical facility three years ago. Ariel was already caring for two dogs that needed to find a new home at the time.

«Me and my parents spent a long time trying to find the perfect home for Blue and Doodle. «They are both in loving families and are well cared for,» she explained to the podcast host.

Ariel Davis later noticed an ad for a chihuahua looking for a new home by chance. The dog was hostile and needed only one person to whom he could devote himself. His former family did not believe that anyone would want to adopt an animal that was nasty and have a hatred for people.

Prancer is a challenging animal, but he has certain redeeming qualities that Ariel saw right away. She stated why she wanted to adopt the dog in a letter to the owners. «That’s the one,» dog’s prior proprietors thought when they saw this message.

At first sight, the she fell in love with the dog. This puppy now brings her joy every day. The dog was the one that assisted Ariel in forgetting about her injuries.

As a result, this pet is well-deserving of the title of lifeguard.

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