The daughter of Irina Shayk is becoming increasingly like her father

Bradley Cooper Picture takers discovered Bradley strolling close to his little girl, delicately holding his little girl’s hand.

He never neglects his parental duties.

In addition, he is able to organize his work schedule in such a way that he always takes her place when she travels for work around the world.

He devotes all of his attention to his daughter as she goes from fashion show to fashion show.

Fans who looked at the pictures noticed that even though they had previously remained uncertain about whose appearance the daughter inherited, now everyone is certain.

She resembles her father more and more as she gets older.

He has made it clear on numerous occasions that becoming a father marked the beginning of a new phase in his life, one that significantly altered it but also brought him complete happiness.

For his little girl, he even figured out how to lay out typical relations with her mom.

In addition, the former common-law spouses have begun to develop a closer bond, and fans have begun to get the impression that they might reunite as a couple.

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