The dachshund began to grow like a balloon accidentally, and the hostess had no idea why

Fran was concerned that her dog, Tevor, was gaining weight. It began to expand in the literal sense a short time later, and the small dachshund resembled a barrel on short legs.

The owner took the pet to the veterinary clinic, but even the professionals were perplexed, as this was their first encounter with such a scenario.

Tevor was already having issues owing to bloating, and the physicians realized the situation was serious, so they opted to keep the dog at the clinic for a more complete and precise evaluation.

It was required to determine the cause of the bloating and the route by which the air entered his body.

Veterinarians were overjoyed that they were able to complete such tough work and handle everything. Tevor was treated, and the air in his abdomen was removed.

After all of this, the dog’s usual size returned, and he began to feel much better and smile with a completely satisfied face. But we have to confess that the cute dog looks better both ways and it did not stop him from being adorable.

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