The cutest thing you’ll ever see is a happy mommy dog posing with her babies in an adorable photoshoot

If you have children, you understand how important it is to record every special moment you spend with them.

We really want these memories to make us look back and remember all of the mischief and wonderful times we had with our kids as we saw them grow and learn.

The photographer who encourages new moms in praising the joys of motherhood.

So when her customer requested a photograph, she assumed it would be similar to her prior assignments.

When she returned the lady’s call, however, it became clear that she had other intentions in mind.

The photography session was more for her pregnant dachshund than for her!

At the time, the dog was about a month and a half pregnant, and the owner needed her little sweetheart properly recorded in the latter stages of her ‘fragile state.’ The lady explained, ‘I didn’t develop canines or doggies and believed my child should witness that.’

‘I’m obsessed with catching moments’ The photographer has never photographed a pregnant dog before, but she treasured the idea a lot.

The prospective mother was undoubtedly joined by the happy spouse and future father upon arriving at the shooting location!

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