The cute round hairstyle turns the toy poodle into a tiny sheep

This dog’s unique hairstyle caused him to quickly become an Internet phenomenon.

A Japanese hairdresser who also happens to own a poodle is the one who created it.

After the master’s effort, the dog completely changed, becoming a fluffy ball with short legs.

Images of the dog created a lively discussion on Instagram, with some users comparing it to a sheep and others to a cloud.

The hairdresser’s clever idea may have remained a mystery, but the funny dog in the pictures and videos made everyone’s day.

Fans praised the owner’s ability to achieve a perfectly round haircut in the comments and said they wanted to recreate this style on their own pets.

The owner said that she chose this particular poodle haircut for a very significant reason in addition to its attractiveness.

The top of the dog’s coat was intentionally created fluffy to aid the dog and make it more challenging for the dog to access the paws.

Now this is what I call a hairstyle. It suits the dog a lot. What do you think about this hairstyle?

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