The couple changed a school bus into a RV: We long to live forever in such a house

There are individuals who cannot remain stationary at all times and are prepared to travel their entire lives.

However, while some people only dream about it, others go above and beyond to make their goals a reality.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to an American couple who made a mobile house.

Additionally, they now have a stately residence that can transport them anywhere in the country. Work from home spouses are able to travel and earn comfortably.

The family purchased an old transport and began reestablishing it. The seats have been removed and it has been thoroughly cleaned.

A new floor and windows were added later. The bus has also been transformed outside. In order to bring in more light, a second ceiling window appeared.

The room had electricity. Now add furniture and paint the walls. You won’t have any trouble standing in the house because the bus is so big.

As a result, the couple was able to purchase such a cozy mobile home, which took about a year to build.

The hallway and kitchen, which even has a stove!

The family finally left when the house was ready.

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