The cat went for a walk and was gone for hours, until he reappeared with a message attached to his collar

For the past eight years, the cat and his owner, Alicia, have shared their private residence.

Simion was rescued by the girl when he was still a baby, and he lived with her. Simion has never sat still since he was a child.

That’s why Alicia started letting the pet into the courtyard and then onto the back porch for a brief period of time.

Simion began to disappear for lengthy periods of time and walk anywhere he pleased as he grew, and the hostess became increasingly concerned during this time.

Simion just returned after yet another long walk, with a message attached to his collar.

It turned out that one of the neighbors had authored it. Simion, according to the note, visits them on a regular basis to soak in a huge bath.

The cat returned with another note from the neighbors, prompting Alicia to write a letter in response.

So, with the help of a cat, Alicia began to correspond with her neighbors, and everyone thinks it’s a lot of fun. And the cat is happy as well.

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