The cat was the first to notice that its owner was expecting and began getting ready to meet the child

Milani bought a cat when she was a young woman. She didn’t want to buy a kitten that was a thoroughbred.

She desired to adopt a shelter pet. Lunca is a sweet, cuddly, fluffy dog who is very loyal to her owner and tries to always be with her.

She clearly loves me, as I can see. Even people who don’t like cats like Lunca, which is why Milani said that our guests love her so much.

Because Milani and her pet are very close, it didn’t take the fluffy beauty long to figure out that the owner was waiting for food.

The cat tried to be close to Milani for all nine months. Lunca was attentive and affectionate.

She also started getting the house ready for a new tenant shortly before the baby was born.

‘I told Lunca every day that I was very grateful for the care.’

Milani is now certain that Lunca was aware that she gave birth to a child around the same time.

Lunca was happy to meet the boy after a long wait for a new tenant. The pet is adjusting to the child now, but she is still wary of him.

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