The cat was fed by the cafe employees while sporting an unhappy expression, and one day she returned bearing a note on her collar

This cat is eleven years old, and until recently, she frequented one of the city’s restaurants where he was given treats on a regular basis and with delight, thinking he was a stray cat.

But one day it was discovered that the purr actually lived a second life.

Tulia started coming to this restaurant. She meowed sadly until one of the customers or staff members gave her some of their food.

Tulia left after her meal, and nobody knew where she went.

If the restaurant staff had never thought to inquire about the origin and destination of this cat, it’s possible that this would still be happening today.

A message was written by one of the waiters and put on the cat’s collar.

Naturally, the cat was unaware of what had transpired and went back to her owners’ house as if nothing had happened.

The owner was shocked when he read the note since it asked if Tulia had a house, which shocked him greatly.

It was later discovered that the clever cat had also visited the local nursing home and was asking for food there.

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