The cat left the house and came back three days later with a message stating that he is now in debt

Worried owners searched the area for their pet cat for three days. Eventually, the cat came back on his own.

Cat arrived with a note indicating that he had collected debts, thus it turned out that the worry was legitimate.

The cat’s owner himself disclosed this tale to the media.

The man claimed that despite traveling around the entire region and posting posters about the missing cat everywhere in three days, no one contacted.

Cat eventually arrived at the house’s door, where the owner discovered him. The animal appeared pleased. A piece of paper was attached to his collar.

The sign read, ‘I offered this cat three mackerels as he kept his eyes on the fish in my stall.’

Naturally, the man dialed the given number. The cat ended up spending all three days in the closest market, where he was fed by a saleswoman.

‘Cats are just like kids. They develop debts, leave, and then return, the owner of the debtor remarked in fun to the media.

Of course the fish was paid for by the man from the woman. All debts must ultimately be paid back.

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