The bride had already married a relative when a man arrived late for his wedding

In a matter of hours, a typical Indian wedding became a true drama. He arrived late for the ceremony.

The bride did not even acknowledge him when he came because she had previously wed his distant relative. The odd marriage took place in the tiny community.

The most fortunate day and hour were carefully selected by the bride and groom’s parents.

These items are very significant in India. All the guests were worried when the groom was late for the first 30 minutes.

Such conduct is wrong, and that particular ‘right time’ has already been lost forever.

The bride requested her father to locate her a new husband right away. There was no issue of candidates.

The cousin of the groom’s father’s cousin attended the ceremony along with many other distant family members.

He had a long-standing love for the bride, so he took the chance.

The actual ceremony was completed shortly before the groom made his appearance.

He could not comprehend how being late had cost him his marriage.

At this point, nothing could be altered, and the girl was too upset to forgive her ex-boyfriend.

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