The boy’s parents wanted him to get a kitten from the shelter, but he chose an elderly sad cat instead

The boy’s parents decided to give him a birthday present, so they took him to the shelter so he could choose a cat.

What was the general astonishment when the kid appreciated an aged cat with a sad expression on his face?

He and his mother were waiting for the cubs to be presented to them in the shelter room when he suddenly called attention to the cat hiding under the seat. The mustachioed one approached the toddler and brushed against his legs a few minutes later, and they were instantly close.

Big was the name of the cat, and he had been homeless and wandering the streets for many years. The kid was no longer interested in other pets after finding the one he was looking for.

The parents welcomed and fell in love with this unhappy cat as well. He quickly acclimated to his new home and became connected to his owners, thanks to love and care.

The cat is at ease in his new surroundings and is affectionate and sociable. He adores the small child who offered him the opportunity to live a new, completely different life than he had previously.

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