The boy that owned the internet for 11 months now looks like this

Everyone has undoubtedly seen a picture of a baby with a closed fist and a satisfied look on his face on the internet at least once.

Samwell, who was only eleven months old when the picture was taken in 2007, is the topic.

Accidentally, the photo was taken, and equally unintentionally, it went viral and became renowned.

Samwell’s parents in Florida decided to take him for a stroll one day along the neighborhood beach.

The mother of the infant made the decision to take some adorable pictures there.

The child took a small amount of sand from the beach in his fist and prepared to taste it as soon as she pointed the camera at him.

She cherished the unplanned photo. She made the decision to share it and uploaded it to a public website.

Many people saw the photo because the resource was open to the public. Additionally, it started to be actively downloaded and distributed online.

The mother of the picture’s main character made no attempt to maintain the copyright, which is why the image spread so quickly.

The image has served as the inspiration for memes created by users. He is already fifteen years old today.

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