The amusing cat Liu is so grateful to have been adopted that she brings her owner’s shoes to her every morning

The amusing way this adorable cat expresses her appreciation to her owner for rescuing will have you adding ‘immediately adopt a cat’ to your list.

Liu, the adorable cat, is so happy and pleased to have finally found a loving home that she brings her human’s slippers every morning. Liu arrived at the shelter in a bad shape.

She looked considerably better after a few weeks, but no one wanted to adopt her.

Kaya and her mother, on the other hand, were fortunate to adopt her and adored her from the moment they met her.

They had no idea that they would be pleasantly delighted so quickly.

The caring mom and her lovely family took good care of the new addition to their family.

Liu appeared to be in much better shape after a short period of time. When the caring adoptive parent was going to leave the house one morning, she observed her beloved pet bringing her slippers.

It was a heartfelt gesture, most likely an expression of gratitude for saving her life in this way. It became a habit for the cute animal after that.

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