The adorable spherical haircut transforms the toy poodle into a little sheep

A dog became an Internet sensation in a couple of days because of his distinctive haircut.

Its parent is a Japanese groomer who also happens to be the owner of a poodle. The dog entirely transformed after the master’s labor, becoming a fluffy ball on narrow legs.

Photos of the dog sparked a heated debate on Instagram, with some people comparing it to a sheep, while others compared it to a cloud.

The groomer’s inventive concept remained a mystery in the end, but the images and videos with the amusing dog brightened up everyone who saw them.

In the comments, fans praised the owner’s ability to obtain a flawlessly round haircut, and stated that they would like to replicate this look on their own dogs.

The owner revealed that she picked this poodle haircut not just for its beauty, but also for a very important cause.

The truth is that her cat had a nasty habit of gnawing off lumps of wool from his paws, which caused painful lesions to form on the skin. To assist the dog, the groomer purposefully made the top fluffy, making it harder for the dog to reach the paws.

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