The Admirable Marilyn: A collection of rare photographs from her childhood

Marilyn’s network of guardians frequently shifted, and she needed a father. In school, Norma Jean succeeded at writing essays.

She contributed frequently to the school newspaper.

The girl started working at an airline manufacturing company when she was 19 years old.

Surprisingly, this is where her modeling career started. Women were seen on camera at his place of employment producing military goods.

The world’s first drone is being put together by Norma in the picture. Her first attempt at modeling was successful, and she enjoyed it.

She was identified as a result of this photo, and she afterwards offered a paid photo session to herself.

The proposition was accepted by our hero. The girl had lovely brown hair, and they made for an attractive and natural combination.

She has gained popularity over time, and she frequently changes her hairstyle.

Brown hair that is curly has been straightened. She was easily identified thanks to her red lipstick, skin, and blonde hair.

Then, in 1946, she signed a deal with the 20th CF film studio, which was a significant turning point in her life.

She is obliged to change her first and last names to Marilyn Monroe.

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