The 67-year-old Bruce Willis was seen walking: how the actor currently looks

Bruce Willis, who experiences aphasia, was recorded while he was strolling: He now appears to be like this.

Hollywood entertainer Bruce Willis, 67, was discovered strolling with a companion in St Nick Monica.

After being diagnosed with aphasia, a condition caused by a defect in the speech center of the cerebral cortex, movie star Bruce Willis’s life changed dramatically.

This disease causes people to have trouble writing and speaking. The actor had to give up his acting career because of illness.

Presently he seldom shows up openly. You are aware that the actor did not even smile on the set of the most recent movie, ‘Glass,’ and he was always accompanied by an assistant to help Willis walk.

The Hollywood actor was having dinner with a friend at a Santa Monica restaurant. He was wearing white pants and a shirt.

The actor appeared tired and a little lost. Remember that Emma Hemming, Bruce Willis’ 44-year-old wife, recently shared with fans how she manages the pain of her husband’s illness.

The actress takes solace in her new pastime.

On her Instagram page, the actor’s wife shared a video of him doing his hobby.

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