The 5-month-old orange feline was accompanied by other cats as he walked the streets of LA, attached to her family’s cat

Fortunately for them, the shelter learned of the kittens’ existence and decided to assist in getting them to privacy.

Following this, the rescue center advertised on the internet for volunteers to assist with the care of the stray cats.

Malina was moved by the article and applied to be a foster care volunteer right away.

So, without hesitation, the woman shared a photo of the lovely kitty who was part of the group, requesting that he be cared for.

The next day, she picked up the little cat from the rescue center and brought him home.

Lirico the cat has proven to be a loving creature who has quickly adjusted to his new surroundings since arriving in his new home.

The street cat appears to have always lived in Malina’s house, as it was quick to express its unique personality.

Lirico quickly concluded that there was another cat in the house because she could feel another cat through the bedroom door.

As a result, he began meowing excitedly because he was eager to meet the other cat; after all, they were brothers.

Hearing the meows, the house cat was curious about who he was.

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