The 4 rescued cats cling to their dog, believing it to be their mother

A need for assistance for a litter of two-week-old kittens at a shelter in San Francisco, was made around two weeks ago.

After hours, they arrived at the refuge. Most rescue groups were full, and bottle-fed kittens required extra work.

So that they could receive care all day in the comfort of a home, one of the volunteers and her sisters took care of them.

They were generally in good health despite being somewhat unclean. The four cat brothers quickly downed their bottle of kitten food.

They gave themselves a thorough cleaning before falling asleep in their warm and comfortable bed.

The neighborhood Husky insisted on assisting them. Every time his family brings home a new litter, the dog enjoys seeing the many little youngsters that they have taken in over the years.

When the kittens first saw the dog, they assumed she was their mother and rushed over to her.

The bravest of the four, Jetta, loved her dog partner and supported her by climbing on top.

He attached to the dog and followed her around like a baby duckling. Look at how adorable the dog’s friendship with her new babies is!

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