The 25-year-old child with her grandmother’s face describes her current way of life

Progerila is a very rare condition that Alina was born with.

How was a child’s childhood unique, and was the young woman who grew up able to manage her personal life?

Together, the infant and his courageous mother resisted the hand of fate.

Only roughly 100 people on Earth are born with progerila.

As Alina’s mother recalled, she first noticed it with her daughter twenty-four years prior, in the maternity ward, when she saw her for the first time.

After only a few months, the girl’s face already resembled that of an elderly woman.

The strange thing about the condition is that no one knows how to fix it, and it is unclear how to go back in time and regain youth.

Mother received advice from friends and family to place the child in a facility.

However, the woman bravely managed the girl’s job, life, and upbringing on her own.

She was unable to even imagine leaving her daughter.

She somehow accepted her appearance as a young girl, but she never gave up hope that she would find love and experience true family happiness.

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