That is the love of a mother. The cat brought her kittens to the veterinary office

Cats are thought of as being incredibly loyal mothers who do wonders for their young.

There are countless instances of such compassion and devotion, and this is one more.

Something amazing occurred early one morning at one of the New Zealand veterinary clinics.

When the doctors arrived at work, they discovered a box on the doorstep with kittens that were less than a month old.

This happens frequently in the post-Soviet region, but it was a big deal in New Zealand, and vets would never allow themselves to leave kittens at people’s doorstep.

They took them so they could be examined and given the assistance they needed. But the miracles continued after that.

The following day, they saw that whenever the clinic’s door opens, a tabby cat tries to enter secretly.

The physicians then made the accurate assumption that the cat was the mother of the kittens they had rescued.

When the cat was brought inside, she went immediately up to her kittens and started to feed them.

A remarkable and touching tale that demonstrates the strength of maternal instinct.

The mothering instinct most likely assisted in the cat’s rescue and discovery of the location where her offspring reside.

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