Ten years together and four kids: Ryan and BIake reveal the secret to their happiness

They have been together for more than a decade. They got married in 2012 and have had four children since then.

The fourth child, who was born in the winter of 2023, was the most recent addition to the family. Three daughters are also theirs.

The couple frequently plays jokes on each other, which makes us laugh as well.

She stated, ‘My husband and I never work concurrently, so we can always be together as a family.’

Simply put, we really like each other. When we were friends, we were very fond of each other.

And now, even more than before, we like each other even more,’ he joked. I value this aspect of our relationship: He is my first and only friend up until this point.

Additionally, I believe that is the key to happiness. Although I do not know the key to happiness, at least this is the key to my happiness.

The best thing is when we just talk and spend time together without our phones,’ she agreed with him.

In addition, in his public speeches at ceremonies, he always thanks his wife and never stops giving her praise. They truly appreciate each moment spent together.

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