Ten steps on how Cardi B changes a baby’s diaper with her long nails: The story is funny

On her Twitter account, the American artist shared a video in which: She shows the process , using a teddy bear as a model and long red nails.

The youngster appears a little perplexed by the circumstance as she watches her mother closely in this sequence: Why are you cleaning the stuffed animal, Mom?

We are familiar with the star as someone who speaks street language and expresses himself very naturally, without showing any manners.

The artist is now worth a billion dollars, but he or she has managed to keep things simple. She always makes jokes and delivers them.

This article examines the reactions to her latest video, which has generated a lot of discussion on social media.

While some laud her, others make jokes about her daughter. Most web clients appear to be making jokes about her girl.

Kulture Kiari, a four-year-old, celebrated her special day on July 10. The song ‘Clout,’ which she co-wrote with her husband, was up for a Grammy Award.

What do you think about this story and the rapper herself? Just let us know, please.

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