Teenage sweethearts part ways, yet 58 years later they get married

Maria and Pete didn’t meet until years later, but their love never faded.

When young lovers Maria and Pete began dating in the early 1960s, they dreamed of living out the rest of their days together.

Maria and Pete even attended prom together, and they both looked very adorable in their lovely attire and joyful expressions.

Unfortunately, life had other plans for them, even though they would have loved to remain close and even get married in the years that followed.

They had trouble staying in touch once Pete relocated to Miami and later left for college.

Maria stated that she was unaware of Pete’s location because there was no Google at the time.

But no matter how long it takes, something will eventually happen.

And in this love story, it is indeed the situation.

The two high school sweethearts were destined to be together, and although life parted them in their youth, they were reunited later in life.

The two reconnected online in the early 2000s and kept in touch. Who would have thought that something like this could happen?

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