Teenage Spanish boy disagreed with his parents and made himself a two-room apartment

After a disagreement with his parents, a 14 years old Spanish boy took a tool and walked outside to start making a hole.

After six years, the teenager’s hole has evolved into a real, two-room apartment with power, Wi-Fi, and other modern conveniences.

On the day of the disagreement, the guy declared he would have a nice time by himself and refused to go to visit his relatives with his parents.

He then stepped outside and began creating a hole in the backyard. It lasted longer than just one day.

He worked after school every day, yet he was unable to adequately explain his motivations.

The cave has changed into a cozy residence after six years.

He even established a system, although from May to September, 20 degrees is the most acceptable temperature in the cave.

‘I built the rooms and used concrete to cover the walls and ceiling. This is a real apartment now, not a cave anymore, he told the media.

The man is still making improvements to his residence in his leisure time. He anticipates staying there till he receives the first monthly payment on a real apartment.

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