Take a look at the children of bros who wed twin sisters and had twins

Every now and again, unusual events are held in the Ohio community of Twinsburg. Since then, they have started dating.

At the wedding, the father of the twins was the happiest.

Nobody could have ever dreamed that a father would simultaneously walk two daughters down the aisle on the same day.

The couple quickly bought adjacent homes with a common garden. However, this tale has an unexpected conclusion.

The twins’ first birth occurred with Diane.

It was quite unlikely that Diane and her husband would have identical twins, but they turned out to be twins. It occurs once every million years.

However, Dave and Diane were delighted parents of identical twins starting in 2001. Diane’s sister also gave birth to two girls exactly a year later.

However, the couples had no intention of stopping there! So there are currently two happy families with a total of ten kids.

The middle son of Diane and the youngest son of Darla was the only kid the sisters delivered in their three births.

It so happens that the first and second sets of twins are identical twin pairs.

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