Sweet timid rodent is unable to be separated from her adored dearest companion bunny

Orille, an elegant rodent, is incredibly shy. He is afraid of people, but only until his closest companion, Wibur, warms up to him.

Wibur and Orille, both new to the shelter, arrived later than expected in September after being discovered in an enclosure used by neighborhood cops to catch wayward felines.

Both the rodent and the bunny grew up to be in good shape.

Furthermore, these were almost probably pets who did not live in the city at the time.

Someone most likely held them together and then left them out into the street.

However, the location of their previous residence remained a mystery.

In any case, when the bunny and the rats first arrived at the shelter, they huddled together. The animals were not separated.

Wibur and Orille, despite their fondness for sitting near to one another, prefer to play by chasing one another about the enclosure.

A few days ago, such a proprietor appeared, and it turned out to be a woman named Celine.

She is positive that the rabbit and the rat will fit right in with her other pets.

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