Swan, who had been separated from her partner, can’t believe she’s seeing him again

These two are a couple who live beside a lake. They’re well-known in the area, and they’ve taken on the status of couple celebrities. The residents in the area know how much they adore each other, and wherever one is, the other is usually close by.

A couple visitors to the lake recently saw that the female swan had a physical issue and decided to contact the sanctuary to see if they could assist her.

The rescue brought their water rescue team to get the swan, but she wasn’t keen on joining them and losing her companion.

The female swan was transported to the sanctuary, where they began recovering her right away so she could be reunited with him as soon as possible.

Sadly, due to an old undiagnosed physical issue, her leg would never fully recover, but her rescuers had the option of getting her stable enough to be returned to her lake.

She was finally taken back to her lake, and, more importantly, to her partner. Everybody was anticipating seeing the cute pair rejoined— and the event did not disappoint. The couple was thrilled to see each other again.

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