Social media is amazed by a woman who plays the violin expertly with one arm

A woman who can play the violin with one hand has become the subject of discussion.

The woman performs this while holding a unique shoulder replacement on which she has attached to a bow.

Having heard her music, one might initially be unable to tell that she only uses one hand to perform.

A video of a woman went viral on Facebook at the beginning of September.

Sounds unremarkable, don’t you think? But the woman does not have a right arm.

Instead, a long mechanical replacement that is attached to a sort of cover over her shoulder serves as the replacement.

At the finish, a bow is held. From the moment the violin begins to play, any concerns about the woman’s playing are fully erased.

She moves her right shoulder, enabling the instrument to generate an incredible song.

A Facebook user from Japan shared a video of a woman playing the violin. And the video received nearly 10 million views in just five days.

Nanami Yan is the name of the woman, and she enjoys swimming in addition to music. She is a nurse by profession. She also has a child to raise.

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