Smart kitty frequently travels by herself on the Tokyo Metro

In a thriving city like Tokyo, taking public transportation might occasionally become monotonous.

You may easily get lost because there are so many routes and passengers.

Nevertheless, a cat appeared to comprehend the trains. Several riders observed him riding the metro by himself on a regular basis.

We’ve all heard how awesome cats are, but this one really raises the bar.

Regular passengers anticipate having a canine friend to seat next to when they’re traveling.

It makes sense why the Selbu Ikeburo line in the city suddenly became so busy.

Although the perceptive cat has been spotted alone multiple times, it is unknown where he is going.

Witnesses claim that he comes from Ikebukuro and leaves from the station, though.

One traveler posted on social media, ‘Looks like this cat is on its way home.

The peculiar transport user has repeatedly been seen riding with a fuzzy companion.

He had never been observed traveling with a human, though. He appears to be a very intelligent and well-educated cat, but I doubt he ever cared to purchase a ticket.

Or perhaps his act of goodwill is his ticket.

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