Siblings who were separated many years ago have finally been reunited, and their emotional reunion will touch you

Billy Stewart, Bella Johnson’s brother, and she were apart for 80 years. When they were very young, their mother passed.

Billy was eventually placed in a boys’ home, while Bella was adopted. He was 11 years old when that happened. Billy eventually relocated to Sydney.

Bella made the decision to remain in Canberra. But they kept in touch with one another. All of their ongoing searches for one another were fruitless.

In April 2019, everything was altered. Billy’s relative attended a memorial service and got in touch with him.

She made the decision to assist in Bella’s search while she was looking for people. It was discovered via research that Bella was still in Canberra.

The relative then made the decision to place ads in the neighborhood paper.

She was requesting any details regarding Bella and her whereabouts.

A miracle then took place. Bella was well, and Billy received a call from his granddaughter letting him know. They simply gave each other a deep hug that they were unable to part.

He made a promise to his sister at that precise moment that nobody else would ever take her from him.

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