ShetIand pony who thinks he’s a dog enjoys sitting in front of the fire and watching soap operas

Week, a Shetland pony, is a pet for a family in Renfrewsire (Scotland). His childhood friends were dogs, and the pony picked up many habits from them, including learning to open the cupboard with apples on his own.

Lilith Johansson, the pony’s owner, says the pony also learned to open the front door when the nights got colder and he wanted to sit inside by the fireplace with people.

The locals are already used to the cute pony walking everywhere at Lilith’s house, and even the postman, when bringing newspapers, brings an apple with him to treat Week.

When Week figured out how to open the closet and get to the bowl of fruit on his own, the owner of the house had to store the fruits somewhere else because the pony would eat them quickly.

Realizing that the apples in the cabinet were no longer available to him, the pony devised a method for obtaining apples elsewhere. ‘In his behavior, he resembles one of our dogs,’ the owner says. ‘He grew up with our five dogs and apparently considers himself one of them.’

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