Shakira spoke out for the first time about the various rumors that she was dating Tom Cruise

As of late, Web clients have been very inspired by the singer’s own life.

It should come as no surprise that fans immediately attribute the novel to the singer whenever she appears in the company of any man.

From the Miami VIP box, a group of celebrities watched the Formula One race together.

Following that, insiders from the actor’s entourage began discussing his intense interest in a relationship with the singer.

Nonetheless, the singer herself, as writers as of late found out, isn’t in any way shape or form keen on close connections right now.

Addressing Us Week after week columnists, sources focused on that the artist was having a good time in the wake of finding out about the bits of hearsay about her new sentiment.

According to insiders, they had a great time together.

However, this does not in any way imply that they are more than just friends.

According to the source, she is not interested in dating him.

After an 11-year relationship with her ex-husband, the artist, according to him, decided to end it.

And she is simple to comprehend for us. She enjoyed being with him because he was so kind.

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