Shakira has met a new bf in Miami and plans to draw nearer to another beau

Numerous fans of the couple are overjoyed that the discussions about her divorce with her ex-husband will apparently soon pass.

Keep in mind that she wrote a song in which she not only talked about him but also about his new love interest, with whom she had a relationship long before the athlete decided to divorce the singer.

Accordingly, he didn’t stay quiet. He showed that he loved his new girlfriend and would never leave her by making a series of meaningful gestures.

The couple has finally settled all of their documentation.

Additionally, the singer’s plans to relocate to Miami appear to have resolved the discussion on its own. The star has long ago decided to relocate to Florida.

She stayed in Barcelona solely for the athlete’s benefit.

She has a new bf, with whom she has been in touch for a very long time at this point,’ compose the Spanish media.

They claim that the couple got together in Miami. The singer’s alleged boyfriend is still unknown at this time.

However, her fans had presumably thought that she was probably not going to be left for quite a while.

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